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Recent Crop Comments

  • 11/19 Sanilac County, Mich.: Beet harvest is just about done. Harvested in snow all week. Should finish today. 3” overnight snow. Still lots of beans and corn in the field. Beans wet and corn has high Vom levels. Been a long harvest.
  • 11/18 Allen County, Ind.: Been a long harvest here. Crops did fairly well, not the records everyone talked about. Seems like everyone I talk to still has 100 acres of corn to finish. Some beans in the area also.
  • 11/18 Cayuga County, N.Y.: What a Fall ! Did early soybeans in early October, 55 bpa. Then rain almost everyday, for weeks and no frost to even up later beans. Not able to plant winter wheat. Then early November brought a foot of snow, still on the ground. Quality of beans is poor ...


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