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You normally can't eat cottonseeds.  That's because they have a toxin in them that's harmful to both people and animals.

Cotton As Food?

10/18/2018, 03:42PM

Great Yield Starts With Great Weed Control.

Monsanto Xtend
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  • 10/11 - Greeley County, Kan.: Everyone is talking rain and it's no different here in west Kansas. Harvest just got started and so did the rain. Most of what has been cut is hailed corn and yields are not good as you would expect...
  • 10/11 - Sargent County, N.D.: Snowing and lost power for 8 hours today with 30 mph winds. Had to use the old IH M to get the fuel in the JD4255. Crops are good but not going to be after this...
  • 10/10 - Grundy County, Mo.: Almost all of the corn is out here. D4 drought all summer. Yields 20-60 bushel. Have had 9 inches rain last 5 days. Bottom ground is flooded now and a muddy mess...


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