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BUSINESS 09:48AM Oct 21, 2019

Cargill Receiving Cattle, Operations Running

Cargill's Dodge City, Kan., beef processing facility was back online Monday morning after an explosion on Wednesday, Oct. 16, 2019.


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"Combining for Curtis": A Harvest Full of Heart

A combine is more than just a machine for Curtis Lewis; it’s his office. “Custom harvesting, I’ve been doing that all my life,” said Curtis Lewis, who lives in Bates
07:21AM Oct 22, 2019 By surrounding your business with the right people, you can
09:48AM Oct 21, 2019 Cargill's Dodge City, Kan., beef processing facility was back online
07:55AM Oct 21, 2019
John Phipps: Rainy Day Syndrome Taking Over Farms Across the Country
Rainy-day Syndrome is something John Phipps says many farmers can
04:48AM Oct 21, 2019 Good Morning from Allendale, Inc. with the early morning commentary
10:15AM Oct 20, 2019 Who likes smashing realistic prop bottles over other people's heads?!
10:05AM Oct 19, 2019
"Combining for Curtis": A Harvest Full of Heart
As a Missouri farmer is in for a fight of
10:11AM Oct 21, 2019
Weekly Export Sales Show Big China Buys for U.S. Pork
China is continuing to buy U.S. pork. The United States
09:55AM Oct 21, 2019 Strengthening milk price and weakening feed costs have improved. The
09:25AM Oct 21, 2019 The losses to ASF are creating a major protein deficit
09:52AM Oct 21, 2019
Farmer on Flooding: ‘Some Fields I Haven’t Been Able To Inspect’
Flooding is still a very real issue in some places
09:45AM Oct 21, 2019
Could fate of USMCA Change with Canadian Elections?
It’s Election Day in Canada as the country holds its
02:10PM Oct 20, 2019 The U.S. Department of Agriculture has declared the U.S. is
10:19AM Oct 21, 2019
China’s Economic Growth Sinks to Multi-Year Lows
The news for China isn’t good financially. The country’s economic
10:15AM Oct 21, 2019
Will the Hog Market Respond To China Buys?
China has been buying a lot of U.S. pork recently.
10:01AM Oct 21, 2019
Kansas City Fed: Farm Lending Slowed During Third Quarter
The new “Kansas City Fed Ag Finance Databook” says farm
10:06AM Oct 21, 2019
AgDay Weather: Expect Precipitation in the Southeast
Tropical storm Nestor is expected to bring precipitation in the
03:55PM Oct 18, 2019
Farmer With Busted Bins: “I Lost Close to $460,000.”
USDA Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue says farmers who applied and
03:42PM Oct 18, 2019
NOAA Forecasts Warmer Than Average Winter For Much of United States
The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Climate Prediction Center forecasts