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Recent Crop Comments

  • 2/5 Harrison County, IN: Pastures have already taken a real beating from all the rain and our area is expecting up to 4 more inches this week. I am going to overseed with clover next week to improve hay stands and quality. Thinking about dry lotting my cows this summer to repair pastures, I don't think I have a choice.
  • 2/5 Coles County, IL: I am boycotting Bud for their attack on the corn farmer, by denouncing corn syrup as a evil dangerous thing in their superbowl ad. I am furious!
  • 2/1 Floyd County, IA: I thought I would chime in a tad bit. The extra large farms get much better prices on their seed. The seed companies often have special account managers etc to wheel and deal with the big guys (lower price) It still takes a bunch of profit to keep stockholders happy. So that profit will have to come from the rest of us ...


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