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BUSINESS 07:28AM Jul 16, 2019

The Gravedigger’s Tale: Farm Venture Turns Into Ministry

David Heidt is far more than a gravedigger—he is a minister of comfort. Beneath the ground of Heidt’s farmland, 2,500 meticulous horse burials testify to his care and service.


John PhippsColumnist

John Phipps: A New Technique For Double Planting

This year has been all about planting. When can we get started? When can we get started again? What if I never get done? Remind me again why I look
14:21PM Jul 16, 2019 Sales of plant-based foods are booming, and retailers no longer
10:00AM Jul 16, 2019 Employers often remark that they hire for attitude and train
08:15AM Jul 16, 2019
John Phipps: Genetics, Environmental Factors Not Main Causes of Cancer
Just in case you were looking for good news, according
14:13PM Jul 16, 2019 Born and raised in South Africa, Trevor Hohls has a
12:31PM Jul 16, 2019 Lack of longer-term investors imperils crop markets, bank says
10:16AM Jul 16, 2019 For Caleb Hamer, recent agriculture mega-mergers have changed how and
08:26AM Jun 24, 2019 Younger rural adults reported experiencing more mental health challenges now
06:01AM Jun 24, 2019 Cover crops have gained a great deal of popularity, but
12:00PM Jun 21, 2019 Is silage corn considered a cover crop? The short answer:
20:12PM Jul 15, 2019 I've made a lot of mistakes working on the brakes
11:24AM Jul 15, 2019 Buyers are zeroed in on finding the used planter spec’d
09:53AM Jul 12, 2019 This 2011 Challenger MT755C with 3684 hours sold for $108K
15:18PM Jul 11, 2019 The company sold its first drone application system in April
14:45PM Jul 11, 2019 Diagnosing disease without labor is where future technologies will make
15:40PM Jul 09, 2019 These teams represent innovations in the food and agriculture sector
15:02PM Jul 16, 2019
What Remains Of Hurricane Barry on the Move
Remnants from Barry continue to move north. Get the latest
15:51PM Jul 15, 2019
Flood Concerns Continue Following Hurricane Barry
Forecasters say more than a foot of rain has fallen
15:47PM Jul 15, 2019
Crops Need an Extra Month to Finish
USDA says condition ratings are on the rise for corn