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LIVESTOCK 12:04PM Jul 09, 2020

More Prime Beef, Softer Demand

One impact of the coronavirus pandemic on the beef industry has been an increase in the number of carcasses grading Prime, but the shuttering of high-end restaurants that sell Prime beef, however, softened demand.


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We have reached midweek once again, and in what seems to have been the norm more often than not, we appear to have a lack of fresh news to provide
06:54PM Jul 09, 2020 The USDA announced today that several specialty crops will now
03:59PM Jul 09, 2020

Farmer and Farm Journal TV and radio personality, Andrew McCrea

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An Idaho sheep ranching company announced it will permanently retire

12:04PM Jul 09, 2020

One impact of the coronavirus pandemic on the beef industry

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Administrative complaint argues that USDA must end federal support for

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U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer on Thursday said the world

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California is forecast to have another record almond crop this

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Apples and potatoes are among the crops now eligible for

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From Pro Farmer’s First Thing Today, these are some of

09:20AM Jul 09, 2020 Undoubtedly, one of the most dangerous things in business and
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The “dog days” of summer are here and may folks