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  • 8/14 - Saint Croix County, Wisc.: Soybeans dreadful as far as the eye can see. No meaningful rain in a month. Corn holding in but yield is definitely coming off, especially in the lighter areas. Thank the lord corn is so far along. No rain in sight this August--beans will only go backwards. 20-30 BPA if drought conditions continue.
  • 8/13 - Sioux County, Iowa: Could possibly be our best soybean crop we have ever had this year! Some areas are definitely too wet, but overall we are very pleased! We are thankful for what looks to be a bountiful harvest! Our hearts go out to those who have experienced difficult circumstances this year. Wishing everyone a safe harvest!
  • 8/10 - Richland County, N.D.: Crops in our area depend on who got rain. Some areas got a little too much and some needed more. Overall, wheat and beans look like they are on an average track, with corn going to possibly blow the roof off. We started with subsoil moisture good and then timely rains have come about every other week. Corn was tasseled by 4th of July when we usually hope to be waist high. I hear early reports that wheat is 40-5- bpa and running high 14-16 protein.
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