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If you’re working on non-monetary differentials for your employees (discussed last week), it would be wise to also look at monetary incentives, because one likely doesn’t exist without the other.

4 Winning HR Strategies

09/19/2018, 05:45AM

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Great Plains
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  • 9/13 - Glacier County, Mont.: We are about in the middle of harvest right now, and everything is about average. The area used to be a fallow rotation, but has turned into continuous crop, and this year wasn't the year for it.
  • 9/13 - Adams County, Wis.: Watched the local news, we had record flooding this year in Wisconsin. No record crop here!
  • 9/12 - Nobles County, Minn.: Corn starting to take a beating in the winds the last few days. Stalk issues are coming to roost!
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