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Recent Crop Comments

  • 12/6 - Cayuga County, NY: Vomitoxin becoming a huge problem in the north east and the eastern corn belt and Canada so how does that affect the so-called record corn crop yield if loads are being destroyed which is what my crop insurance agent has told me!!!!
  • 12/4 - Ottawa County, OH: Farmers here are waiting for a freeze up so!! wet, lots of corn in field yet. Some soybeans left. Last beans cut were above 20% moisture. Looks like we will get going again end of this week. Glad to see trade issues making progress!
  • 12/2 - Dickinson County, KS: We had near record yields but had a fight getting it between rain and snow storms but its done now , the large farms are taking it in the rear thou many have several hundred acres of beans and milo to harvest doubt they'll get that done til spring ...


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