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Trump Xi
POLICY 11:15AM Jul 19, 2019

Trump and Xi Are Struggling to Find Path Forward in Trade Talks

Both sides have different views on what was promised in Osaka


Kevin McNew

China Makes Large US Sorghum Purchase

China Makes Largest US Sorghum Purchase Since April, But Woes Continue China purchased two million bushels of US sorghum for the week ending July 11 despite a 25 percent tariff
13:03PM Jul 19, 2019 Around 9 a.m. on Friday morning, emergency crews responded to
09:12AM Jul 19, 2019 For the seventh time in the eight seven months the
08:35AM Jul 19, 2019 4-H prep should be an Olympic sport. Or at least
08:19AM Jul 19, 2019 There’s still some standing water in Nebraska, Missouri and Iowa.
06:55AM Jul 19, 2019 Japanese beetle is the pest of the week.
13:57PM Jul 18, 2019 Analysts say later this summer, as feed demand starts to
07:19AM Jul 18, 2019 Claiming consumers have been misled, two consumer advocacy groups have
13:33PM Jul 17, 2019
Employee Arrested In Fair Oaks Farms Abuse Case Released
Edgar Gardozo-Vazquez, the only arrested suspect in the Fair Oaks
09:35AM Jul 17, 2019 Stay on top of the progress of your corn crop
10:26AM Jul 19, 2019 This tractor sold for a new record price–by a mile.
11:56AM Jul 18, 2019 Harbor Freight names its contest semifinalists.
23:55PM Jul 17, 2019 Truck rates were mostly steady in mid-July.
13:43PM Jul 18, 2019 “It seems to me that the folks who want to
12:33PM Jul 18, 2019 For the past couple of years, the in-field team at
15:18PM Jul 11, 2019 The company sold its first drone application system in April
15:06PM Jul 18, 2019
Heat and Humidity Continuing to Build
Meteorologist Cindi Clawson talks about triple-digit heat index values on
15:26PM Jul 17, 2019
The Summer Heat is On!
Meteorologist Mike Hoffman is tracking heat in portions of the
15:02PM Jul 16, 2019
What Remains Of Hurricane Barry on the Move
Remnants from Barry continue to move north. Get the latest