Trump's Tariffs Seen Favoring Rust Belt Over Farm Communities

March 7, 2018 03:03 PM
Trum Tariff Plan

(Bloomberg) -- President Donald Trump’s plan for tariffs on imported steel and aluminum and threats to withdraw from the Nafta trade agreement show a preference for the Rust Belt over the Farm Belt, the chairman of the Senate Agriculture Committee said.

"I think he’s looking at the Rust Belt primarily," Senator Pat Roberts, a Kansas Republican, said in an interview Wednesday.

Voters in agriculturally oriented regions, many of whom supported Trump, have "always been underappreciated," Roberts added, saying the president should offer farm-state residents policies that consistently benefit them.

"Mexico is now buying their wheat from Argentina" because of trade concerns, he said. "That should be Kansas wheat that should be going south on the Kansas City Southern Railway right now."

Support for free trade will be essential to make sure farm-state voters, a largely conservative voting bloc, support the GOP in this year’s congressional elections, he said.

"There’s always a danger" that frustration with Trump could trickle into congressional races, the senator said. "I think our approval rating is lower than used-car salesmen," he said. "There’s no question that people want stability and predictability."


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Gary Ordway
Continental, OH
3/8/2018 07:36 AM

  Keep writing articles like this and the price of soybeans will definitely come down. If I have to give up a few cents on the price of my soybeans to protect a steel worker a job, I am willing to do that. For far too long we have been taken advantage of on trade and for once in a lifetime we have a leader that says NO and we moan and groan and refuse to support him. Most of us only think about ourselves, just maybe it's time for us to feel for our fellow AMERICANS and especially the steel worker that's been out of work for two years or longer.

Mitchell, SD
3/8/2018 08:27 AM

  Ya, I think all of us in rural America were fooled! We only counted when he really needed us........[Not that I ever would have voted for that "--------"!! (the other one)] But he needs to listen to some of his advisors, people he picked, because of their credentials, etc. People that he sought their leadership and advice from......I will be the first to admit, no "ONE" person knows it all. sometimes a committee is the best route? I just hope Purdue, and other people he has chosen for Ag positions, stick it out.......and continue to hang in there. Probably only three more years (34 months?) of this "stuff"?

Jonesboro , AR
3/9/2018 11:21 AM

  Bloomberg doesn't care about steel workers or farmers. They only hate the President of the United States of America. It still amazes me that their are people who can't figure this out.