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MARKETS 14:37PM Jan 17, 2020

Jerry Gulke: Phase One Equals Volatility and Opportunity

Jerry Gulke says the last week was a solid reminder of one key marketing lesson: Volatility creates opportunity.


Dan AndersonColumnist

In The Shop: Ode to an Air Tool

Most of my tools are at the dealership. I keep enough duplicate tools at home to do basic repairs around the Anderson acreage. Mainly hand tools for simple jobs, because
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An expert weighs in on whether hemp can be a

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Going forward, Simplot’s customer base is said to be more

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“Financially encouraged sales are happening, but a good portion of

01:32PM Jan 17, 2020 Most of my tools are at the dealership. I keep
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President Trump hopes to sign a trade deal to open

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With the phase one trade deal with China official, farmers

10:12PM Jan 17, 2020 or Amazon To order by phone call: 1-800-366-3645. Rubes
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Cattle feeders were unable to push the cash market higher

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Cash traded weaner pig volume was below average this week

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The U.S. Department of Agriculture is proposing changes to school

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AgPro Podcast: Update Direct From DC

Hunter Carpenter, Director of Public Policy at ARA, was recently

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Pro Farmer's Jim Wiesemeyer broke the news Friday that the

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Phase One is Signed, Will China Start Buying U.S. Ag Products Soon?

While there were rumors on Friday of China in the

02:37PM Jan 17, 2020

Jerry Gulke says the last week was a solid reminder

03:46PM Jan 17, 2020
Rain, Snow, and Ice Are All in the Forecast

Get ready for a wild weekend of weather!

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The Weekend is About to Get Complicated Weather-Wise

Meteorologist Cindi Clawson says there are three areas to watch

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Another Winter Storm Will Cross the Country

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