CHINA TRADE UPDATE: Elimination of Trade Imbalance?

January 18, 2019 10:29 AM

This would be incredible if it becomes a reality: Bloomberg is reporting China is offering a path to eliminate the U.S. trade imbalance. It reports China has offered to go on a six-year buying spree. It would increase annual goods imports from the U-S with a combined value of more than $1 trillion.

This would mean China's trade surplus with the U.S. would be zero by the year 2024. The source of this information asked not to be named according to Bloomberg.

Just world about this is pushing the Dow higher today (Friday).

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Mason City, IA
1/20/2019 10:03 AM

  That Zagnuts guy is really fired up. Bottom line, Trump is not a politician, he's a businessman not some smooth lying weasel duping the citizens. Sounds pretty familiar for quite a number of years, especially 8 recent ones. If all he is trying to do fails, I'll drop his presidency a few notches. He is going to bat for working people and seems sincere. The middle class has been coming up on the short end of the stick for a few decades, that includes trade to and with other countries, where you can also put jobs leaving America to go overseas also. Better be careful what you wish for or complain about, cause there are plenty who are coming to fleece you out of your money and eventually your property. It won't be Trump or Pence, that is for sure.

PJ Jahn
Ptown, IL
1/19/2019 08:00 PM

  Very easy to see who has been inflected with the Poisonous Partisan Politics. Unless you build a wall that is deeper underground than it is in height above ground, you have wasted your time , and $$$. Five more tunnels discovered again this past week. The border personal who know, and don't lie about the facts, say they need more manpower, and high tech equipment to do what needs to happen. If the Phony, Reneging, Lying Conman, Traitor/Trader Trump wanted the wall this bad, and without Mexico paying for it, why didn't he get it all done when the Republicans had total control of congress? The true fact is he couldn't get done then because the Republicans in congress didn't want it done on their watch! No way, as they very well knew it would become nothing but wasted $$$, and turn into a high cost political joke! So then lets just let the Dems get blamed for it. Good luck with that, eh? Problem is the deal put together by congress in December, the one that the Phony, Reneging, Lying Conman, Traitor/Trader Trump said he would agree to pass, and then reneged on it after listening to Rush to Lie Limbaugh, and the rest of Wrong Way Righties, now no one will take this jerks deals. Yeah, Ol Mitch McConnell got his ass kicked back to him for trusting the jerk. What a bunch of Counterfeiters! Spineless Cowards hiding from the truth! Playing games on our dime! How's all that working out for ya? Remember, Mexico will pay for the wall! Oh yeah!

Montfort, WI
1/20/2019 06:39 AM

  It ain't happening. If Wall Street believed that then markets would have rocketed up on the news. Statements like this are being thrown out almost on a daily basis. All the Trump apologists gobble this up like candy. I still can't get any of the neo-con to debate me on how handing out those illegal Rin waivers which took away nearly a billion bushels in corn demand helped our grain markets. Remember how last summer how Trump said E15 was gonna get approved? Never happened! Another lie exposed.


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