Farmers Double Five-Year Soybean Harvest Average

September 17, 2018 04:07 PM
Soybean harvest is underway, according to USDA.

Soybean harvest is underway, according to USDA. In their Monday Crop Progress report, the agency noted that 6% of the Nation’s soybeans had been harvested as of September 16. That pace is double the five-year-average of 3%.

Louisiana and Mississippi lead the pack with 51% and 33% of their soybeans harvested respectively. However, both states are actually behind compared to last year when 60% of the Louisiana’s and 37% of Mississippi’s soybeans were out of the field this same week.

Soybean harvest is severely delayed in Arkansas where farmers have only combined 9% of their crops compared to 24% this week last year. Many farmers in Arkansas were unable to get their crops out of the field prior to tropical storm Gordon making landfall and stalling harvest for a solid week.

Meanwhile, Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota and Tennessee are all ahead of normal harvest pace for soybeans by five to eight percentage points.

Corn and cotton harvest continues to move along throughout farm country. USDA says farmers have harvested 9% of the corn crop and 13% of the cotton crop.

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Graettinger , IA
9/18/2018 07:22 AM

  I thought the USDA said soybeans where going to be good? Average yield in northwest Iowa, buddy lives in western Indiana said beans are only 45 to 50 bpa.

auburn, IN
9/26/2018 03:33 PM

  God Bless You , USDA, you illiterate ass's

don murtha
victor, IA
9/18/2018 06:09 PM

  The crop tour was incomplete in south central Iowa for the last two years. Maybe they can't calculate that low by the direction of top officials . They have soy bean yields of 6- 10 bushels per acre and corn yields from 6-100 bushel per acre from crop insurance adjusters. I see it as a area that is always skipped for the last two years to keep their bogus average yield up. 3 areas of 180 and one area of 60 = 150 bushel Iowa average 150 bushel per acre average. That is the Truth, Tell it how it is, Don't keep lying. I was told by a usda official once that they throw the lowest state averages out of the national average to preserve higher averages so they keep the numbers up and cripple the farmers that have states with lower averages . We have to tell the truth to the USDA and IRS. Why can't they tell the truth to all farmers and consumers. Why hasn't corn and soybean products , milk, and meat dropped in the stores for consumers by 30%. There is large commodity processors making millions of dollars a day profit per plant and just laughing at consumers and farmers.