How Will USDA Account for Bushels Still In The Field?

12:03PM Dec 10, 2019
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The most recent Crop Progress report shows North Dakota’s harvest progress is improving but not by much. The report says 43% of corn has been harvested. That’s compared to 36% the week prior to it.  

Some producers say some of the standing crop will be in the field until spring. 

“Farmers there are already worried about prevent plant for next year in 2020,” says Arlan Suderman with INTL FC Stone.  

Suderman says USDA will survey farmers. 

“[USDA] has to come up with their production numbers, if that’s possible, for the January report and a Quarterly Stocks number which is supposed to be as of December 1,”  Suderman says.  

How will USDA account for those bushels? Watch more below. 

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