Markets Now: $3.60 Corn is Too Low, Could Be Tough to Top $4

02:09PM Aug 30, 2019
Harvest 2017
Are corn prices too low today? Three analysts discuss the supply and demand factors impacting the price of corn.
( Farm Journal )

The possibility of an early frost has been rippling through headlines and stories since the summer. Those bullish sentiments giving some producers hope corn prices still have room to creep higher. 

The bears have lead the market since the August USDA report. After corn saw a weather rally this year, the market has seen a retracement of more than $1.

With the possibility of a frost, yet a global demand pictures that’s currently bleak, are corn prices too low?

Chip Nellinger of Blue Reef Agri-Marketing, Matt Bennett of AgMarket.Net and Steve Freed of ADM Investor Services discuss in Markets Now.

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