Pro Farmer Reaction to USDA Reports

September 12, 2017 04:38 PM

USDA number crunchers once again surprised grain traders and farmers when the agency raised its yield and production forecasts for corn and soybeans.

The September forecast from USDA-NASS shows corn yields at 169.9 bushels an acre. It was 169.5 bu/acre last month. 

Soybean yields come in at 49.9 bushels an acre, up a half bushel from August estimates.

Pro Farmer Editor Brian Grete analyzes the higher production numbers impact on grain stocks.

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Ulysses, KS
9/13/2017 11:15 PM

  I like Paul's comment its time we got payed for doing our job to feed this nation.

Renwick, IA
9/13/2017 05:58 PM

  Think it's time everybody buys their 2018 production on the board and nobody plant anything just might get a decent price for 2017 production also put the ball in our court instead of the few that want to steal our crop what do you think China

Royalton , MN
9/13/2017 09:42 PM

  William from Indiana What the hell does Monsanto got too do with a Government agency /USDA- NASS, raising the Ending yield projections? They are not the Government. We can all hope that they are wrong with the yield projections currently . Too all farmers , Hoping you have a Safe Harvest ,