Signal to Noise: Will USDA Avoid Skewing Planting Decisions?

May 24, 2019 03:16 PM
Podcast: Will the tariff aid package avoid altering farmers' planting plans?

USDA and the the White House this week unveiled version 2.0 of a tariff aid plan, opting for a single, unified payment for all Title I crops instead of last year's per-bushel, per crop payment. Will the new framework avoid altering planting intentions? Pro Farmer Washington analyst Jim Wiesemeyer, policy writer Anna-Lisa Laca and Farm Journal News Director John Herath analyze details of the new Market Facilitation Program in this week's DC Signal to Noise podcast. They also look at what the new MFP means for the future of China trade talks.


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rural, MN
5/26/2019 09:48 AM

  Not really.We would plant if the weather would let us anyway.But a certain point it just gets to late no matter what.It is so Wet here you get stuck mowing lawn if not careful.More rain coming this week.yippi cant wait.

Jason Stremcha
LaCrescent, MN
5/24/2019 07:17 PM

  As a farmer in the USA I am ready for all Farmers to join together and let the world starve like we have been since the 1970s when you could actually provide for your farming family Right now as farmers we have to resort to either of farm jobs or leasing our land for deer hunting just to make ends meet. All while we watch all the fast food employees company about the minimum wage but the only investment they have their job is what it took to get there. As a farmer we have multiple generations invested my after in laws grandfather holmsteaded this farm well over 100 years ago. Today we had to sell that land a non farmer that will allow us to rent it back from him. This all so we could make bank payments. Witch were tight but do able before the trade war. My thought is let the cities starve then maybe they will finally appreciate all the work we do

5/24/2019 10:15 PM

  In 2013 we were shelling corn by the hyway, a passer by stopped and asked my wife for directions, upon which he also asked what we were doing, after his question was answered he had another. "So yall take this corn to the grocery store and they put it in cans ?" This man was 50+ yrs old ! Are you kidding me ! People don't even know where food comes from.