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This month's cover story: Depression and Anxiety Take Ultimate Toll Katie Lyons grew up on an Illinois farm and experienced first-hand how depression can change farm families. “When I was younger, he was always out playing with us in the yard having fun,” Lyons says of her father, David Hulsizer. “We used to go swimming and do a lot of different activities. I try to hold those memories close because that’s all I ha

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02:09PM Jul 12, 2019 Use these four tips to evaluate and protect your options
02:01PM Jul 12, 2019 Viewed as a solution to compliance, the practice is under
09:04PM Mar 29, 2019 Learn how automatic farm data collection, artificial intelligence (AI) and
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04:52PM Aug 23, 2019 Amid increasing tariffs and controversial biofuels policies, farmer support for
02:42PM Jul 02, 2019
Trump Approval Among Farmers Rises to 79%
President Donald Trump continues to enjoy strong support among farmers.
01:26PM Jun 21, 2019 Disaster aid is approved; good news, bad news for ethanol.
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11:39AM Mar 04, 2019 Studies address how running tracks, singles and duals affect compaction
03:13PM Oct 08, 2018 But downforce pressure and ground contact are keys to fully
09:03PM Jul 18, 2018 Understanding hybrid characteristics will help ready you for variable-rate practices

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