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This month's cover story: A Farmer’s Firsthand Take of COVID-19 Calving and planting season have been anything but typical for Matthew Raver in Greensburg, Ind. Around March 26, he came down with a fever — and it stuck with him for 12 days. “I lost 35 lb. while I was sick just because I couldn't really eat,” Raver reflects. His story started a few days earlier while trying to bottle feed a newborn calf. The protec

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03:40PM Mar 11, 2020

Rotation and prices will sway farmers’ acreage mixes

02:15PM Mar 02, 2020

Managing multiple production systems is the last step to precision

01:36PM Feb 18, 2020

Autonomous vehicles and robots in fields just got a lot

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09:24AM Mar 18, 2020

Farmers and ranchers are worried about the impact of coronavirus

12:26PM Mar 09, 2020

Spring field work has already started for 2020, and as-applied

12:34AM Jan 19, 2020
Trump Approval Strongest Yet as He Heads to Farm Bureau Convention

As the gears of impeachment are winding up in Washington

Test Plot Reports
02:05PM Mar 11, 2020

Dual placement ensures nutrients reach roots to weatherproof early season

02:44PM Jan 30, 2020

But stress in the reproductive stage will cost flowers, pods

09:58AM Jan 29, 2020

Genetics coupled with treatments offer protection and yield benefits.

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