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This month's cover story: Imagine the day you can provide details about each specific field to your seed supplier and they take that information to custom-build the perfect hybrid or variety for each field. Sounds crazy, right? In reality, many seed companies can already do this. You’ve heard about genetics by environment – matching hybrid and variety genetic strengths to each field’s or zone’s unique challenges. Now, s

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01:49PM Aug 04, 2020

Learn what to expect if you’re switching to non-GMO seed

10:18AM Aug 04, 2020

Pending approval and discussion, Roundup, dicamba and PCBs cases could

10:07AM Aug 04, 2020

Lower cost, the ability to save and price premiums give

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10:27AM Jun 10, 2020

According to the poll, conducted May 29, 80% of the

09:24AM Mar 18, 2020

Farmers and ranchers are worried about the impact of coronavirus

03:40PM Mar 11, 2020

Rotation and prices will sway farmers’ acreage mixes

Test Plot Reports
01:49PM Jul 29, 2020

Study leaf structure and ear type to refine hybrid selection

02:05PM Mar 11, 2020

Dual placement ensures nutrients reach roots to weatherproof early season

02:44PM Jan 30, 2020

But stress in the reproductive stage will cost flowers, pods

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