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Grit with Grace highlights farmers' and producers' resilience. From survivors of breast cancer and farming accidents to stories of families who were stronger than the storms that ravaged their farms, get inspired here.


anita van der laan

"Who knows what the future is going to bring? The future is so bright."

-- Anita Van der Laan, dairy farmer and breast cancer survivor

john tyson

"You can only do so dang much, and then it's just wait and see what we got."

-- John Tyson, Nebraska hog producer

buddy schumacher

"I can't explain it, but I knew it wasn't my time to die."

-- Buddy Schumacher, Wisconsin farmer and grain bin entrapment survivor

chris adams

"I know I am not the only person to go through this kind of mental stress."

-- North Dakota farmer Chris Adams, who sought help for depression

Stories of Resilience

Combining for Curtis Harvests Love and Generosity from Ag Community

When Missouri farmer Curtis Lewis was diagnosed with stage 4 brain cancer, his friends and neighbors decided to help--and started a movement.

Bringing Home a Fallen Brother's Last Crop

With 900 acres of corn ready for harvest, a volunteer army descended on Kevin Barz’s land: 25 combines, 15 grain carts and 30 semi-trucks.

A Dairy Farmer's Fight with Breast Cancer

Two years after a tornado tore through the Van der Laan’s dairy, Anita was diagnosed with breast cancer.

The Night the Fire Took the Farm

As Anthony Russo drove down the lane to the 5,600-sow farrow-to-wean unit, all he could see was smoke. His heart sank.

Son Combines Post-Accident after Dad Builds Hydraulic Lift

When Illinois farmer Tad Johnson was paralyzed in an accident, he thought he'd have to stay off farm machinery for good.


Natural Disasters

Nebraska Farmer Keeps Hog Herd Afloat Despite Flooding

When the Missouri River flooded its banks this spring, John Tyson was forced to take extreme measures to take care of his animals.

Farmers and Ranchers Work Through Snow, Ice and Cold

Various areas of the U.S. dealt with adverse winter weather this year, but it didn’t stop farmers and ranchers from doing their jobs.



Descent into Hell: Escaping a Corn Tomb Death

The harrowing, yet remarkable, tales of two farmers who became trapped in a grain bin--and survived.

Farmer Overcoming Horrific Harvest Accident with Positivity and Faith

Indiana farmer Laurie Hayn lost an arm and a leg but says that God saved her life.



Your Value Isn't Measured by Your Net Worth

Farmers are generally optimists, but the stress of recent years can be overwhelming. It’s OK to ask for help.

Harvest of Thanks

Find reasons to be thankful with AgDay's "Harvest of Thanks" special.



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