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Technology is … different for every farmer. Find stories, videos and resources below to learn how to make smart technology investments.

What does technology mean to you?

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Technology Is …  Transforming Data Into Actions

Well-organized and protected farm data can pay dividends.

Technology Is … Harvesting Data to Make Management Decisions

Data-driven decisions use facts and metrics to help you make smarter decisions.

Technology Is … Investing In The Future

Adapt your strategy to reflect your team’s generational strengths.

Technology Is … A Return On Investment

In the quest to grow the most profitable crop, technology tools can offer a double-edged benefit — solving problems and helping to measure the gains made. 

Technology Is … A Business Asset

Improve labor management and even find a bit more time for yourself.

How Ag Technology Is Embraced Differently Among Generations of Farmers

While the Millennial generation is the fastest growing group of farm operators in Kansas, Gen Z farm operators today want technology automated, and companies have one chance to get the technology right.

Looking for a Quick ROI on Technology? Here's an Investment that Pays For Itself in a Year

A recent Farm Journal survey found 67% of farmers expect a return on investment in three years when paying for technology. And 22% expect that payoff to happen even quicker, even within one year.

Technology Is… Considering A CTO

Is now the time to expand your tech expertise? 

Technology Is ... Harvesting Field Data

Take your digital strategy to the next level.

Just as Technology Transformed Agriculture, Harvesting Data Could Reveal Details Down to the Row

Despite precision agriculture getting its start decades ago, the majority farmers aren’t fully using their farm data today. Just as technology has transformed agriculture, harvesting data could do the same.

Talking Technology: Ferrie Says This Investment Can Help You Save $100/Acre on Seed Costs

As higher commodity prices could entice more farmers to make technology investments, Ken Ferrie expects the use of variable rate technology to grow over the next five to 10 years. 

Technology Is … Investing In Variable Rate

Adjusting inputs can yield $100 more per acre.

Top Technology Investments Farmers Want to Make

A farmer just won the lottery—what do they buy first? In February, the Farm Journal Pulse Poll asked that question specifically about technology purchases.

Got Robots? Dairy Farmers Want Them

Data from a recent Pulse Poll shows that dairy farmers are most interested in automated milking technology.

What Technology Would Catch Your Eye If You Won the Lottery?

What technology would you invest in if you won the lottery? Many ranchers would put calves first and install calving barn camera monitors.