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  • 3/20/2019 Knox County, NE: First timer here. grain and livestock should be limit up daily. last weeks rainfall here was 3.40" on frozen ground, sure made snow melt fast. also blew out dams, took out bridges and washed out roads, not to mention water standing in fields. 1/3 of the state under water. thank God the electricity isn't out for most or taking care of livestock and cleaning up would be a nightmare. many many prayers to all down stream of the Missouri river!!

  • 3/18/2019 Coles County, IL: I just returned from gulf shores Alabama and it was soggy and flooded all the way back to Illinois, I saw a big banner ad in a Orange beach Walmart for Bud lite saying NO CORN SYRUP in our beer and caught ads on the TV there advertising no corn syrup on something but I did not catch the product. It looks like food and drink companies found another marketing ploy to demonize others products. Hey corn marketing board wake up and do something ! lord knows you collect enough money from the corn checkoff.

  • 3/14/2019 Mcintosh County, ND: Another snowstorm today, 2nd one this week. Total snow for this season around 70 inches. Looks like a late late spring. Roads are blocked, 4 to 5 foot piles on the shoulder, feel for the county workers. When the snow melts we will be in for major flooding. Be safe, keep your chin up.

  • 3/13/2019 Pipestone County, MN: We've had the largest snow crop in years. Easily the worst winter since 1996-97. It started snowing the end of January and has been almost nonstop since. We also went five weeks without getting above freezing. And very few of those days were even above 15 degrees.

  • 3/10/2019 Nuckolls County, NE: so wet and cold will be at least a month before any field work gets started , been a bad winter for cows having calves and trying to get weight gains on calves here when will markets start reflecting planting delays there will be for sure

  • 3/9/2019 Nobles County, MN: Does anyone in the north have a feeling that we could experience 1993 all over again. With the amount of snow in the Missouri and the Mississippi water sheds all we need is a little extra rain and a late thaw to cause major flood problems. I know weather can change on a dime but I would guess at least late planting.

  • 3/8/2019 Greene County, OH: 3/6/19 What a Year! Just finished last beans today. Harvested in soft and frozen conditions with snow and mud, had to get them out no matter what. Rewrote the soybean harvest textbook. Yield was terrible, damage was as high as 42%! Surprised any beans were left standing. My insurance company worked with me the whole time. Had some great people help us out! Unbelievable year, never want that to happen again.

  • 3/8/2019 Boone County, IL: Looking like a late Spring. With today's markets and fert prices not going to make any money this year. I'm just wondering if i am going to qualify for SNAP benefits or do i need to get my own mill to make corn bread for the family?

  • 3/7/2019 Madison County, TN: First time in my memory that there is virtually no hay for sale. We sold out in December and continue to get calls everyday desperate to find hay for horses and cows. Most feed stores are out as well.

  • 3/7/2019 Washington County, IN: Frosted in 120 acres of orchard grass stands with Red Clover the last week of February. If frosting is ever going to work it should this year as it has been below freezing every night for 2 weeks. It would be nice to have in the hay for next winter.

  • 3/7/2019 Liberty County, MT: Just reading comments from glacier and Yellowstone county producers. They have been over estimating crops for years. 30 years ago I gave them permission to field count wheat to use an average for whole township. State statistical service counted it just prior to harvest and came up with 17-18 bu. Harvested it produced less than 7 bushels. Have never gave any data or permission since. Producer beware !

  • 3/7/2019 Nez Perce County, ID: Winter wheat is still under about 10" of snow but hopefully leaving in the next week or so. Hoping for low wheat prices to be leaving soon, too. Spring planting has usually started by this date but we are probably 2-3 weeks out, at a minimum.

  • 3/4/2019 Goodhue County, MN: Last weeks blizzard left some of the biggest snow drifts we've had in years. While it's ok if deer and antelope roam, we're clearing our fences of snow drifts so the cattle stay home !

  • 2/27/2019 Bourbon County, KS: Here in Xenia,ks bourbon county we have beans that are still unable to come out of the fields because of all the rain, ice and snow. Really wish we could get the beans out. And it would be so nice to be able to pay less for chemical and beans it is so expensive.

  • 2/26/2019 Clark County, WI: 48 1/2 inches of snow in February more to come 69 inches total for the year kids haven’t had a full week of school since Christmas I hope it melts Slow or the Mississippi is going to have a lot of water coming down

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