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  • 2/6/2019 Dickey County, ND: If I am not mistaken didn't Inbev buy up miller brewing . Molson Coors has it's lineup so technically farmers and anyone who likes farmers need to drink more Coors or some other beverage.

  • 2/5/2019 Harrison County, IN: Pastures have already taken a real beating from all the rain and our area is expecting up to 4 more inches this week. I am going to overseed with clover next week to improve hay stands and quality. Thinking about dry lotting my cows this summer to repair pastures, I don't think I have a choice.

  • 2/5/2019 Coles County, IL: I am boycotting Bud for their attack on the corn farmer, by denouncing corn syrup as a evil dangerous thing in their superbowl ad. I am furious!

  • 2/1/2019 Floyd County, IA: I thought I would chime in a tad bit. The extra large farms get much better prices on their seed. The seed companies often have special account managers etc to wheel and deal with the big guys (lower price) It still takes a bunch of profit to keep stockholders happy. So that profit will have to come from the rest of us, even if we are a very loyal - one brand only buyers. And they will not knowingly allow a bunch of small neighbors to band together to purchase seed at a comparable price. Someday all of us little guys will be gone and it will be a conundrum for them.

  • 1/31/2019 Douglas County, IL: Tried to rent some local ground right before Christmas. put a bid of 265.00 @ acre! Guess what .. I'm not farming it!! Probably for the best! Excellent yields here in 2018 .. best soybeans I've ever raised!!

  • 1/31/2019 Will County, IL: Overall, very good corn and soybean best corn yields ever! These yields plus Trump's MFP money on soybeans has resulted in aggressive cash rent bids and aggressive auction bids on used equipment. Couple this with rising interest rates and higher input costs. Us old guys have seen this too many times. History DOES repeat itself!

  • 1/30/2019 Bolivar County, MS: concerning tight margins : a young guy gets a degree in agriculture - buys 6 trucks and starts hauling grain - at end of quarter his accountant tells him he's loosing his a--? He calls his ag professor and lays out all the details - ag professor has a meeting w/all the other professors - takes 3 weeks to hear back for answer- they told him to buy 6 more trucks ? Rent more land and buy more equipment?

  • 1/30/2019 Wallace County, KS: Just like the 80’s, people are giving up or getting shut down. Young guys coming back to raise families at home are getting outbid on every quarter. Schools losing enrollment and the farms that already have 20000 or more acres are shutting these kids out. Then we wonder why schools are closing. Greed is the the new g word on the farm not god.

  • 1/25/2019 Baltimore County, MD: Farmers don't operate like normal bussiness, Weadd more cows, plant more corn to lower our cost per unit. We always screw ourselves. And then many expect the goverment to bale us out. How much can you cut costs, plant less, lower production, price will go up. Problem is we are all too independent, and greedy.

  • 1/24/2019 Laclede County, MO: Farmers should be like oil companies cut production in half and get twice the price fertilizer dealers would take notice in a hurry hope next year's better

  • 1/23/2019 Floyd County, IA: Thumbs up to Pembina guy. I am perplexed about the strong dollar as we are told it is supposed to buy so much. The dollar does buy a lot of ag commodities and precious metals but not land or INPUTS?

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