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  • 5/24/2017 Jackson County, MI: Lots of corn and beans in . some stand and crusting issues. earliest planted up 2 inches. Rain on way .many spots still wet.

  • 5/24/2017 Henry County, OH: What a planting season. Dry and cold in April and seven inches of rain in May with below normal temps. Corn and soybeans still being planted for first time along with a lot getting or needing replanted. Extremely wet now and rain predicted every other day to finish the month.

  • 5/24/2017 Jackson County, IA: Here in the extreme East Central part of the state I would say 90% of the Corn is in and 50% of the beans are planted. That is my uneducated guess. We are approaching 3" of rain for the month of May. Thankfully none of it has come very heavy . We get it in 1/4 to 1/2" increments and not many days for planting in between. From what I can see, corn stands look good, just not a lot of growth with a cool damp conditions. Was able to sneak in first crop hay and rye. If we had 5 days to plant I think most everybody would be finished. I finished my corn 1 minute before another round of storms rolled in And some fields are getting out of control with weed pressure.

  • 5/23/2017 Dodge County, NE: Just had 7 inches of rain all bottom ground shot 25% of the corn left to plant first time plus big time replanting. Soybeans off to horrible start to wet to cold not very good germination no bumper crop here.

  • 5/23/2017 Allen County, IN: Planted corn 4-24 thru 4-26. went in nice notill conditions were good 1 "rain the 27th, 3" rain the 29th, 1.5" rain 5-7 temp dropped to the 40,s and highs in the 50s.Replanted corn 5-15 thru 5-16 ,1.5" 5-17 and 1.4 on 5-20. At least it's warner this time highs in the low 70s. Fingers crossed.

  • 5/22/2017 Buffalo County, NE: Started planting corn on 20Apr17. The ground was dry, and hard as a brick. Had 6 inches of heavy, wet snow on 30Apr. However, I was able to finish both corn and beans by 13May. Last week was a washout as cool, wet conditions(3+ inches of rain) rolled in for the better part of the week. Sunday(21May) morning brought 32 degree temps. Just another "average" weather year in central NE.

  • 5/22/2017 Minnehaha County, SD: Is 3 leaf corn on May 22nd suppose to be yellow? Suppose it will still be a record!

  • 5/20/2017 Seneca County, OH: Watched US Farm Report this morning. Nice to see someone in the grain trade (Jim Bower) talking about what a mess the ECB crops are in, especially corn. Maybe USDA will start to notice too. We are having lousy weather this spring. Had a couple of nice warm days this past week and now are back to cold and wet again. Forecast for next week, more rain and cold. Going to see record number of corn acres replanted or switched to soybeans. Seed guy said that his company is experiencing a run on seed corn for replanting never seen before. Crop insurance guy says exactly the same thing. Had half of our corn planted in April and half of it needs to be replanted.

  • 5/19/2017 Sauk County, WI: Started planting corn May 11 rain stopped us the night of May 15 still have a little to go no soybeans planted yet lots of round around here needs to be planted too much rain can't get a week of sunshine that is what we need

  • 5/18/2017 Mcleod County, MN: All the corn is planted for the most part but a lot of beans left to plant. Now were dealing with cold wet soils again. I agree with Knox Co,IL the USDA should lower their expectations but they probably won't until they absolutely have to. Their just as corrupt as the Brazilian govt and the US farmers are the one's who pay the price. To say it's time to drain the swamp would be a under statement.

  • 5/17/2017 Rock County, MN: may 1st we received 4 inches of snow, may 14 soybeans in rows

  • 5/17/2017 Morrison County, MN: Corn is in...just too wet to get soybeans in. Might have a great corn crop but I'm guessing like most farmers the soybean yields are NOT going to be there this year.

  • 5/17/2017 Knox County, IL: Saw the neighbor tear up 100 acres of corn and replant. We got a creek bottom that the insurance guy gave us the go-ahead to replant. We have a field of beans that's crusted and trashed...yes, we hoed it and still not sure that will save it. Not a good start to 2017 and everyone else feels the same way. No records here. Last year 249 corn and 62 beans...note to USDA: yes the crop is planted, but around here, at least 25% of it is a mess. Lower your expectations.

  • 5/16/2017 Chicot County, AR: It's been a pretty good spring here in the delta. Corn is waist to chest high, beans are ankle high to still being planted. Rice is just emerging and cotton acres are almost planted. We've had rains that have kept us out of the fields from time to time but nothing like I'm hearing up north. 89 and sunny here. Good Luck!!

  • 5/15/2017 Madison County, OH: Started planting corn April 19 and finished up a week later even got 3/4 of our beans planted. Best planting conditions I've ever seen. Then last weekend we received 4.5 inches of rain and 2 days later another inch. Most of our ground is systematically drained and that didn't help us, water stood everywhere. The corn that was planted the first 2 days is ok definitely not a perfect stand but we will probably have to live with it. But everything else is packed in worse than I have ever seen it. Amazing how things go from so good to so bad. If we miss the rain they are predicting tonight we will be replanting almost everything.

  • 5/15/2017 Dekalb County, IL: No activity in this area since April 25 have had 10 inches of rain up to May 10. Some corn that was planted in the April 20 to 24 area is just emerged. Yellow with poor stands no soybeans planted that we know of. Need heat and wind plus sun to dry out the lakes no record crop foreseen in this area.

  • 5/15/2017 Blue Earth County, MN: started planting corn may 6 got done with beans may 15. First corn is coming up in a week. Some corn planted in april is 3 inch tall by next week tall as a pop can . all crops are planted in south central Minnesota could be a bumper year for production to bad the price will be less


  • 5/13/2017 Cayuga County, NY: May 14th haven't turned a wheel yet!! Wet and cold. Hopefully start this week it's finally suppose to warm up and getting drier. Last year was done with 620 total acres of corn and beans may 22nd. I'll take a dry year like last year over this wet year anytime!!!

  • 5/12/2017 Seneca County, OH: Planted some corn in April, but nothing since the 28th. No soybeans planted. Heavy and flooding rains ever since the 28th. Will probably have to replant some areas that we planted. What corn is up, is very yellow. Have not had any days above 65 so far in May. We went through this exact same weather to start last spring and last year was a disaster. Went from heavy rains in May to nothing for rest of summer. Yields were terrible and then low grain prices to boot. I was hoping this year would be better. Doesn't look like it so far.

  • 5/8/2017 Abbeville County, SC: Beginning farmer 2nd year of wheat.

  • 5/8/2017 Ashland County, OH: I was fortunate enough to get beans in before the rain last Thursday.. just hoping for a good year!

  • 5/8/2017 Richland County, ND: Remember that first day you learned how to drive a tractor and got to run on your own out in the field and how proud and happy you were to show that you can do it? My 11 year old nephew and doing a mighty fine job Harrow packing before planting corn.

  • 5/8/2017 Putnam County, OH: Rain makes Grain. Almost six inches of rain in a week after planting corn. Should be better than trend line yields. Forgot about the freeze warning for Sunday night

  • 5/8/2017 Tipton County, TN: Finally putting some cotton seed in the ground after sitting idle for two weeks because of rain.

  • 5/7/2017 Tama County, IA: Planted through a wet spot the other morning, it was froze. A lot of corn planted and good start on beans, very little corn up.

  • 5/7/2017 Fayette County, IL: had 10 in of rain last week. do over. more rain coming.corn going to be hard to find around here

  • 5/4/2017 Knox County, IL: Place one cup of topsoil in a mason jar. Now, add one cup of water. This is the topsoil condition on just about everything south of a line extending from St. Louis to Champaign, Illinois. North of that line, the rest of Illlinois is not much better, but thankfully, not nearly as bad. The April 16 corn is up, but yellow. Corn that was planted in the few days before the week-long monsoon of April 26-May 4 is struggling in the cold, watery muck as soil temperatures plummet and cloudy days persist.

  • 5/4/2017 Rock County, MN: 4 inches of Snow on may 1st is the Picture at 7 am, cold and wet but all melted on may 3rd with the more rain. A few nights of frost. I hope to start field work on may 8th. There are some corn fields planted in the area.

  • 5/4/2017 Marion County, MO: Wheat damaged by snow and freezing temps. in Kansas and surronding states. Floods and heavy rains in much of the corn belt will cause much of the corn thats been planted needing to be replanted. (Some farmers I've talked to expect to replant all their corn acres, could total several million acres.) With no more rain and ideal conditions it will be mid may before the ground will work again. And yet the funds drag the market down. Don't count on another record crop this year!

  • 5/2/2017 Stephenson County, IL: am guessing a 1/3 planted up here in Stephenson county-been out of the the field for a week now,with 2.5 inches,but not complaining at all,after hearing reports of central n southern parts of the state !! stay safe everyone !! we Will get it done-always hv n always will !!

  • 5/2/2017 Mcleod County, MN: 0 acres planted. Worked some headlands 3 weeks ago and picked rocks, then came 3 weeks of rain, snow, and frost. A few farmers that have way too much land decided to plant a few weeks back. With ground temperatures in the mid 30's guessing the yield will still be around 250 bu/ acres- right? Maybe mother nature is letting us know she is still in charge....

  • 5/2/2017 Cheyenne County, NE: It proably did not get cold enough here to hurt the wheat. The wheat here is ahead of normal by 2 - 3 weeks. Some is jointed the rest ready to joint. From the yellow color there is quite a bit of disease pressure.

  • 5/1/2017 Coles County, IL: have had off and on showers during planting and now the last four days I have had over 7 I/2 inches. many of the fields planted look like lakes

  • 5/1/2017 Callaway County, MO: Percent planted is high, percent emerged is a very different story here in central mo.

  • 5/1/2017 Jackson County, IA: Planters were running until these past storms. Hope to get back in the fields soon.

  • 5/1/2017 Jackson County, IA: Here in East central iowa we feel very fortunate to have received only 1.5" after hearing of those who are experiencing flooding . Low temps have been in the mid 30's . Some have started planting. Would guess 10% is in the ground . Will have to wait and see if we have to replant any. Sweet corn is 50% planted here.

  • 5/1/2017 Henry County, OH: Consider us lucky to only receive a inch of rain over weekend. Although more rain predicted all this week. Cold temps are what concern me the next week or more. Planting progress ranges from a few completely done with both corn and soybeans to others that have not started and everything in between. Myself have two thirds of corn in and no soybeans

  • 4/30/2017 Nobles County, MN: Guessing roughly 35-40% of corn planted here. Good or bad? With 6-8 inches of snow or cold rain coming today and tomorrow with highs the past week in the 30s to 40, this planted corn FAR from out of the woods. Just as good a chance it will have to be replanted as it will possibly make half to 3/4 stand. Of course " the trade" will consider this mess 220 bu/acre corn. And of course we haven't even began to consider the remaining corn won't be planted until at least May 10th or so. Just plain sick weather for May 1st!

  • 4/30/2017 Vernon County, WI: what a crappy month of april here, wet andcold ,38 degrees,2inches snow on4-28,water seeping onhillsides .no planting here,small amount ofoats seeded,tryng to pre spray to cold and windy .looks like at lest 10 days out before any corn planting here if all.last year had 1000 ac corn planted.planted beans on5-2-16 ,earliest ever.wheatherman saying chance of snow tomarrow,even ducks sick of it.

  • 4/30/2017 Vanderburgh County, IN: Very early, great start to planting season & very dry initially. Heck, ground was being worked in February. Lots of corn was even up last week. Now........lots of corn under water & major washouts on any knobs or ravines in fields. Looks bad. More rain coming, too. Lots of river bottom planted throughout region & potential of major river flooding next week. My how things can change in the blink of an eye.

  • 4/30/2017 Dodge County, NE: April 30th Got 6 inches of rain not much planted and what is planted is underwater, soil temp 39 snow for tomorrow happy May Day.

  • 4/28/2017 Pope County, MN: Few acres Corn planted but so cold most have stopped and are waiting for warmer weather. Amazing 70 degrees in February but now cannot make 50.

  • 4/28/2017 Dickinson County, KS: We are very wet here. Very little corn planted. Wheat is heading out, and looks pretty good, but we had some frost this morning. Too soon to tell how much damage might have been done. Much of the wheat is scheduled to have a fungicide application, but the weather hasn't cooperated. We really need some drier weather.

  • 4/28/2017 Washington County, CO: Started planting corn today here in eastern Colorado, average planting conditions.

  • 4/28/2017 Jackson County, IA: Most started planting on Sunday. Have to pick and choose fields.

  • 4/28/2017 Mcleod County, MN: On Monday I got fertilizer spread and ground worked up on about half of the corn ground. Tuesday it rained almost an inch and now this morning snow. Glad that my seed is all still in the bag.

  • 4/28/2017 Yellowstone County, MT: Wet, wet wet and more wet here around billings , only getting planting done in small windows here and there , we are not use to this very unusual weather for us here , barley mostly in , same with wheat and beets , corn few guys going but too cold and wet I think especially for how expensive seed is , seed for all crops way over priced for crop prices , they need to come down just like fertilizer did . But Monsanto has a monopoly on it , everybody gets rich but the farmer same old story all the money is made when it leaves the farm .

  • 4/27/2017 Yellow Medicine County, MN: 4/27/2017 Air temp. is 28F and soil temp. @ 2" is 30F with a 28F crunchy frozen topsoil surface at 7am. Soils are damp to soggy condition also. Our seed is nice and dry in the shed yet but others have started corn planting. More cold predicted for a few days and possibly snow for May Day so we will patiently wait to start.

  • 4/26/2017 Carroll County, MO: I'm a 15 year old from the Kansas City missouri area and I grow cotton, soybeans, corn, milo, wheat, and I also background 300+ head of cattle. We just got wrapped up with corn and just started planting beans yesterday. After we get done with beans we'll start planting cotton and milo will be behind that. Most of our wheat we will cut for silage and the other half we will combine and take to market. After we get done with wheat we will be full bore on baling hay for the cattle.

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