Preserving the Value of Your Farm

09:02AM Jan 24, 2020
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Four common selling scenarios. One trusted solution.

Here’s a sample of the four common selling scenarios that we’ll cover:

Siblings Have Decided to Sell – The USDA estimates that 30% of all farmland in active farm production is owned by people who are not actively involved in farming. So, who gets what? How will the capital gains tax affect each differently? What’s the best strategy to benefit everyone?

Fixing the Balance Sheet – The farm’s working capital may be low so the farmer wants to sell some land to free cash flow, but capital gains can take up to 33%. How can he get to a healthier financial position without incurring this large loss?

The Retiring Farmer – The farmer and his wife are ready to move on with life, but the children do not want to take over the business. How does the farmer avoid losing 33% of his gross sale to taxes? What does succession planning look like for their particular financial situation?

When a 1031 Won’t Work – Certain restrictions and requirements are getting in the way of a 1031 working or maybe the 1031 has already fallen apart. How does the farmer seize a selling opportunity without losing out on what he rightly deserves?


The experts with the answers:

Mike Gustafson, principal with Farmers First Trust, is a game changer and an industry innovator who knows how to minimize the capital gains tax and maximize the benefits of a sale.

Darren Carlson of Carlson & Burnett Attorneys at Law, the leading expert regarding Section 453, will provide the U.S. Tax law that supports Monetized Deferred Payment Transaction (MDPT) along with the long history behind Section 453.

This free webinar can change your financial future and it’s open to all farm and ranch landowners who have listed or are thinking about listing their land for sale. Don’t make another move until you hear what the Farmers First Trust experts have to say.

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