President on China Trade Talks: "I'm not Looking for a Partial Deal"

03:44PM Sep 24, 2019
Trump & Xi
Pres Donald Trump & Pres Xi Jinping of China
( MGN/Michael Vadon CC By 2.0 )

President Trump says he doesn't feel he needs to secure a trade deal with China before next year's election, but he adds that if an agreement were to be reached between now and next fall, it "would probably be a positive" for his campaign.

The President answered questions about China last week while holding a news conference at the White House with the Australian Prime Minister.

He said the recent U.S. agriculture purchases by China aren't enough to compel his administration to sign a deal.

The President said, "We are looking for the big deal. We've taken it to this level. We're taking in billions and billions of dollars in tariffs. China's devalued their currency and they're putting out a lot of money into their economy, and they have a very bad economy right now, and I don't want them to have a bad economy, but it's the worst they say in 57 years."

Both sides of the trade war are aiming for a high-level meeting next month.

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