As cannabis in the form of industrial hemp receives crop status in the 2018 farm bill and a growing number of states have legalized medical marijuana and industrial hemp production, who will meet the need?

Farm Journal exclusive survey of crop farmers and livestock producers reveals farmers’ attitudes about cannabis and gauges their interest in growing cannabis as a commercial crop for medical use, recreational use and industrial hemp use and for use in animal feed.

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From Farm Journal: Hemp: Hopes and Headaches Ahead
U.S. farmers can officially play the hemp game, so says the 2018 farm bill, and as of January 2019, 41 states have given hemp a green flag. Here’s what you need to know before you grow.

Perdue Answers Buzz on Hemp in Animal Feed

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From Bovine Veterinarian: Cannabis in Veterinary Medicine

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With the passing of the farm bill in December 2018, industrial hemp was reborn as a viable, profitable and sustainable crop for the American farmer. The USHGA is a nonprofit trade organization that provides much data, research and educational resources to help farmers be successful from planting to harvest to marketing. Learn more about the U.S. Hemp Growers Association at


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09:50AM Jan 28, 2020

Licensing Applications to Grow Industrial Hemp Up in Kansas

Associated Press
AgWeb Contributor

Interest in growing industrial hemp as a commercial crop is up in Kansas where regulators are reporting a 30% rise in licensing applications for the second year of the state's

14:16PM Jan 27, 2020

Want To Grow Hemp? Begin At The End.

Rhonda Brooks
AgWeb Contributor

There are seven important factors to consider.

Hemp litigation
08:50AM Jan 23, 2020

Wyoming Close to Finalizing Hemp-Growing Regulations

Associated Press
AgWeb Contributor

The attorney general in Wyoming has said the state is close to setting statewide hemp-growing regulations amid concerns from farmers about missing the upcoming growing season.

13:09PM Jan 22, 2020

Voluntary Registry Opens to Hemp, Helps Protect Crops

Margy Eckelkamp
Director of Content Development, Machinery Pete

“The 2018 Farm Bill changed the status of hemp for everyone,” FieldWatch CEO Stephanie Regagnon says.

03:50AM Jan 22, 2020

Kentucky Will Continue Hemp Program as Pilot for a Year

Associated Press
AgWeb Contributor

Kentucky's Department of Agriculture will continue operating its hemp program as a research pilot program for another year before transitioning to a commercial program, the agency said.

17:06PM Jan 21, 2020

Legislation to Legalize Hemp in Idaho Introduced in Senate

Associated Press
AgWeb Contributor

Growing hemp would be legal in Idaho under proposed legislation introduced Tuesday.

12:51PM Jan 17, 2020

Is Hemp the New Soybean?

Portia Stewart
AgWeb Contributor

An expert weighs in on whether hemp can be a powerhouse crop for farmers with as many uses as soybeans.