10:26AM Nov 04, 2010

Fonterra Executive Says Global Dairy Market is Growing

Linda H. Smith
Markets Editor

‘Milk supply will be more closely linked to demand but on a global scale rather than a local one’

04:19AM Nov 03, 2010

10.2 Million Pounds of Cheese Sales Assisted by CWT

MILK Editors
AgWeb Contributor

Cooperatives Working Together assists Dairy Farmers of America and Darigold in selling cheese to the Middle East, Asia, and Central America.

10:54AM Nov 02, 2010

Canadian Bounty

Relationship building makes this family profitable across borders

10:49AM Nov 02, 2010

Are You The Problem?

Linda H. Smith
Markets Editor

Identify your marketing strengths and weaknesses

10:28AM Nov 02, 2010

MoneyWise: EPA Okays 15% Ethanol

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)’s long-awaited decision is in: E15 blends are approved for 2007 and later-model vehicles. Now the question is practicalities. Of the 239 million cars on the ...
00:00AM Nov 02, 2010

Ag Economist: Higher Feed Costs Mean Pricier Meat in 2011

AgWeb Staff
AgWeb Contributor

The following information was released by Purdue University - West Lafayette:It costs a lot more this year to feedmeat animals corn and soybean meal than it did just a few

19:03PM Oct 31, 2010

A Mixed Week for Positions

Linda H. Smith
Markets Editor

Non-commercial (large speculator) traders decreased their net long corn position by 1,300 contracts but increased soybeans by almost 4,400 and lightened their short wheat position by almost 6,000.