20:28PM Jul 29, 2008

Plan for the Worst

Jim Dickrell
Dairy Editor

USDA conducts mock FMD outbreak for livestock media.

09:04AM Jul 29, 2008

Sales in a Risky Year

John Russnogle
Guest Editor

Rising rivers swamped sales plans

08:53AM Jul 21, 2008

December Breeches 50-Day Moving Average. It’s Happened Before.

The last few weeks have shown a roller-coaster of a ride with the 50-day Moving Average. Worried about marketing your crops and livestock this year? Read Bill Biedermann's column to

12:12PM Jul 08, 2008

Prepare to Embrace the Bear

The corn ranking is at 8 and should be at 10 by the middle of June if we hit the gas on this corn market.

08:27AM Jun 30, 2008

The Earlier You Talk the Better

Linda H. Smith
Markets Editor

Some of the marketing advisers we track and report monthly have recommended cash sales of up to 50% or even more of 2008 corn and soybean crops (see the June

18:42PM Jun 16, 2008

FAPRI: Oil Prices Affect Commodity Prices More than Biofuels Mandates

AgWeb Staff
AgWeb Contributor

Study looks at what impacts commodity prices more

12:36PM Jun 16, 2008

CWT Accepts Three Export Assistance Bids

MILK Editors
AgWeb Contributor

Cooperatives Working Together accepted three export assistance bids last week for the sale of cheese and anhydrous milkfat.