06:00AM Nov 11, 2019

Trade War’s Forgotten Farmers Get Crushed in U.S. Cotton Country

Wire Service
American cotton farmers are having such a difficult year that even a potential trade deal between the U.S. and China is likely to offer them little comfort.
15:42PM Nov 05, 2019

Analyst: Watch Chinese Currency and Quality Concerns For Cotton Market

AgDay TV
AgWeb Contributor
The cotton market price is not what growers want to see. “[The cotton market is] probably 15 cents lower than we were a year ago,” says John Payne of Daniels
16:59PM Oct 11, 2019

Exclusive: China Trade Agreement Details

AgDay TV
AgWeb Contributor
News is breaking late Friday. President Trump is announcing of a Phase 1 agreement between the U.S. and China concerning trade. Clinton Griffiths, the Host of AgDay, has analysis from
14:52PM Sep 12, 2019

Trade War with China an Anchor on Cotton Prices

Clinton Griffiths
AgDay Anchor, Executive Producer
Cotton prices rally but longer-term stress from the trade war with China continues to weigh on markets.
06:00AM Aug 27, 2019

U.S. Cotton-Crop Conditions Deteriorate as Texas Fields Bake

Wire Service
Conditions for the cotton crop in the U.S., the world’s biggest exporter, are deteriorating as dry weather erodes planting prospects in Texas, the top state grower.
15:15PM Aug 09, 2019

Behind Closed Doors: A Look At USDA’s Lock Up Area

Betsy Jibben
National Reporter
AgDay National Reporter Betsy Jibben has an exclusive look at what that lock-up looks like in Washington D.C. behind closed doors. She talks with Lance Honig, the Chief of Crops
11:12AM Jul 26, 2019

Cotton, Soybeans Heavily Influenced MFP 2019 Payment Rates

MFP payments range from $15 to $150 per acre, largely depending on the county in which you live. The Southern tier of states will see the biggest payments, but Jim