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14:25PM May 29, 2019

Walmart Vs. Big Chicken

Greg Henderson
Editorial Director
Walmart, America’s largest retail grocer, has filed suit against various U.S. poultry companies alleging a conspiracy to inflate chicken prices.
11:50AM Mar 13, 2019

HSUS Fight Over Pilgrim's Pride Chicken Claims Expands to Seven States

Wire Service
The Humane Society asks attorneys general to investigate allegations the poultry giant misled consumers about how it treats its birds.
23:25PM Nov 01, 2017

More Time Requested by EPA Prior to Poultry Ammonia Reporting

Wyatt Bechtel
Associate Editor
New rules on ammonia reporting for poultry farms need more time to properly analyze, according to the Environmental Protection Agency.
19:37PM Sep 05, 2017

Tyson Foods to Invest $320M in New Chicken Plant in Kansas

Associated Press
AgWeb Contributor
Tyson Foods Inc. will invest $320 million in a new chicken-processing plant in northeastern Kansas employing 1,600 people so that it can keep up with a growing consumer demand for
23:35PM Mar 14, 2017

Bird Flu Cases Probed in One of the Largest U.S. Chicken States

Wire Service
Tennessee reported avian-influenza discovery last week, and now three poultry flocks in northern Alabama are being investigated.
18:48PM Jan 13, 2017

How to Avoid Poultry Manure Fires

Associated Press
AgWeb Contributor
How high is too high for a pile of chicken manure? Eight feet, apparently.
10:07AM Sep 16, 2016

Community College Starts Poultry Program with Auburn

Associated Press
AgWeb Contributor
Students at a Southeast Alabama community college can take part in a four-year poultry production program in partnership with another school in the state.