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Cattle Exchange

For Sale: 5 Dexter Bred Heifers

I am selling my herd of Irish Dexter Cattle. They are a total of 5 as of now with 2 pregnant heifers, 1 mother and calf and one bull. My cows are very friendly and well trained for milking. The 3 heifers each produce one calf per year. The meat tastes excellent and is graded as being in the top three along with Angus and Kobe, the milk is also very good and can be consumed by those who are lactose intolerant. The calf is auburn in color and those go for $2000 alone. This would be great for someone interested in starting their own herd. I am asking $4500 which is cheaper than I can get for meat prices because I want them to go as a herd.

These cattle are perfect for small scale farming.

For Sale: 40 Angus, Angus Cross, Angus Plus, Hereford Cross Cows

Bred Angus 3-5 year old Cows that are extremely fancy! They weigh approx. 1275-1300 pounds and are fat and slick. All of them have really good utters and are great mommas!! They have all been palpated by a vet and are guaranteed bred (some have new calves on them). There are a few motley face and black baldy cows. You can buy any amount!

$1575 each for the bred cows

$1750 for the pairs!

If you take all 40 I'll include the pairs at the same price!

Delivery available please call (903)453-7466
Check them out on Facebook @CircleDRanchKlondiketx or

For Sale: 10 Red Angus Bulls

Grandbury Farm's Red Angus cattle breed deliver low birth weight live, thriving, easy-handling calves. The docile nature of the Red Angus Cattle with their calm temperament and easy handling motivates producers to think about selecting for disposition is based on a number of criteria. One is animal well being, usually animals that have a better temperament have fewer injuries, a good reason to select for docile cattle, and they don’t all have to do with keeping repair and vet costs down after the wild ones have torn up your working facilities.
As we get older, the safety factor becomes more important, so working with more easy going livestock is a must for us.
Bull's available, one DOB 3-24-16, six DOB's April - June 2017.

For Sale: 45 Angus Cross Cows

-3 to 6 year olds
-spring calvers
-veterinary checked

For Sale: 22 Angus Cross Open Heifers

We have 22 black fancy heifers. They are ear-tagged and have had all shots. They are weaned and eating good. They have never left the farm. Price is 800 dollars per head.

For Sale: 1 Belted Galloway Bulls

Registered Belted Galloway Bull. 4 years old. Proven. Throws nice calves. $2000. Questions or if intrested text or call 330-465-0962

For Sale: 1 Hereford Cross Bulls

This bull calf is about 8 months old having been born on 4/14/17. He is out of a registered Hereford bull (Ribeye M326 R117 and About Time 743 cow). He was 73 lbs at birth and is now 566 pounds at 179 days old. He is out of a Sim/Hereford cow.

For Sale: 10 Black Angus Cow/Calf Pairs

10 cow calf pairs for sale all cows 3-5 years old fall calves born the last 2-5 weeks vaccinated. Good looking cow calf pairs

For Sale: 10 Amerifax, Black Angus Cow/Calf Pairs

10 cow calf pairs for sale all cows 3-5 years old fall calves born the last 2-5 weeks vaccinated. Good looking cow calf pairs

For Sale: 18 Red Angus Cows

18 young Red Angus open cows for sale. We only expose our cows for 45 days to bulls and these are the young cows that are open. They would make a nice set of cows to breed for fall calvers or to wait and breed in the spring. There are 3 coming 2 year olds, 5 coming 3 year olds, 2 coming 4 year olds, 4 coming 5 year olds, and 4 coming 6 year olds. All nice gentle cows that were ultrasounded and should be good breeder's. I also have 6 more that are a year older and one black 5 year old if anyone wants more numbers. Choice of any number for $1200 or $1000 dollars for 18 to 25. These are moderate sized cows that weigh 1150 to 1200 pounds on average when mature. These are our young open cows from a heard of 500. Call if interested. Alan Carr 719/892/0014


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