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Cattle Exchange

For Sale: 2 Simmental Cow/Calf Pairs

Great purebred, young pair that will make you money. Pedigree is stacked with legends. Give me a call and i'm happy to answer any questions. Will trailer for cost of gas. Visit our facebook, OEF Simmental, to see WPCC High Regard. Cow was bred last week to him. Thanks!

For Sale: 20 Charolais Cross Cow/Calf Pairs

3 in 1 package -3 year old cow with bull calf at side. Mama cow is extremely tame and mild mannered. She can be haltered and led right into a trailer. Calf is black and cow is currently being exposed to my lowline bull. She is a fantastic mom and easy births, I’ve owned her for since she was weaned.

For Sale: 40 Angus Cross Bred Heifers

3 breed (Angus~ Blk Simmental~Charolais) bred heifers that will calve Sept. 1 to Nov.15, 2018. They represent 42 yrs. of crossbreeding & selection from multiple generations of some of the BEST bulls in each breed. We only use sons of proven
sires that come from some of the best breeders in OK,MO,KS & TX. Our steers are sold as yearlings weighing 1000lb.+w/o creep feed & top the market annually. Our 2017 spring born steers were evaluated by the American Simmental Assn. & IGS using their Feedlot Profit Calculator & had the highest relative value they had EVER recorded for calves of similar weight.
Our heifer bulls are SimAngus & rank in the top 2% of the breed for calving ease & the top 1% in All Purpose Index.
Heifers are priced to sell @ $1900. Please see our ads on pg. 5 of the Oklahoma Cowman & The Joplin Stockyards
Cattlemen's News.

For Sale: 1 Jersey Bulls

Jersey bull, will be one August 13th. Not aggressive, been raised and handled since he was a baby.
Asking 750.00

For Sale: 1 Jersey Bulls

Jersey bull, will be one August 13th. Not aggressive, been raised and handled since he was a baby.
Asking 750.00

For Sale: 2 Angus Bulls

I have 2 virgin Angus bulls. The Sir of both bulls
Is a low birth weight 44 Farms bull. Both bulls are
out of good commercial angus cows.
Extremely gentle, structurally sound with plenty
muscle and thickness. Vaccinated with 7-way vaccine
And wormed. Will guarantee Fertility . Asking
$2000 each

For Sale: 7 Galloway Cow/Calf Pairs

We have 2 cows, 1 bull, and 2 cow/calf pairs.
Registered 3 years old
$9000 for all

For Sale: 6 Red Angus Bulls

Registered Red Angus Bulls
Out of AI breeding

For Sale: 3 Belted Galloway Cow/Calf Pairs

Grass fed beef cattle-
2 purebred belted Galloway cow/calf pairs. 1 galloway/hereford cross cow/calf pair.
Galloway cross is 2 yrs old, with her first calf (male) born April 5, 2018. Sire is purebred Galloway. Asking $2200
Purebred Galloway #1, is 4 yrs old, calf (female) born May 28, 2018. Asking $2600
Purebred Galloway #2 is 4 yrs old, calf (male) was born June 20, 2018. Asking $2600
Sire is registered & from award winning blood line. Cows are not registered
100% grass fed, pasture raised happy & tame.
Only selling because we have to move to the city for husbands job.

For Sale: 2 Angus Cross, Holstein Cow/Calf Pairs

Holstein cow about 5 years old and calf of 9 to 10 moths old


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