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Cattle Exchange

For Sale: 400 Amerifax, Angus, Angus Cross, Angus F1, Aubrac, Beefmaster, Beefmaster Cross, Belgian Blue, Belted Galloway Bred Heifers

The Gir is one of the principal Zebu or Bos indicus breeds in India and is used for both dairy and beef production. It has been used locally in the improvement of other breeds including the Red Sindhi and the Sahiwal. Girs were used to put the red colour and higher Zebu content into American Red Brahmans.

The Gir are very social cattle and spend a lot of time licking, touching and leaning on each other. The bulls tend to protect the herd and the whole herd protects the calves. The cows seem to rotate being nurse maids and a large number of the calves stay together with them, but as soon as there is a disturbance the whole herd will gallop back to protect them.

The Gir is a medium to medium-large animal, depending on whether they were developed in the Gir valley region or in the surrounding mountain area. The females average 849 pounds with a height

For Sale: 2 Charolais Bulls

I have two charolias bulls for sale that are 4yr old. They've been semen checked back in September like we do every yr with all of our bulls. If you're looking for pounds for your cattle operation these guys will pack them on for ya. I've had a good set of calves out of these guys. I'm asking $2,700 for them but flexible on the price.

For Sale: 100 SimAngus Cow/Calf Pairs

Sim-Angus heifer calf pairs available. Selling around 100 pairs. They were bred to Inforce and cleaned up with sons of Broken Bow. Priced at $2,149.99 per pair. If interested contact Sadie @ (208)220-6639

For Sale: 2 Belted Galloway Bulls

Two large registered belted galloway bulls for sale. One black and white and one Dunn and white. Near Bakersfield California.
2800$ each obo.

For Sale: 12 Angus Cows

12 Angus cows for sale, yearling to 8 years old ,pasture exposed to calving ease registered polled Hereford bull for fall calves, wormed with dectomax 1st of April, vaccinated with mastergaurd hb last fall. 1100 choice,1000 if take all.

For Sale: 1 Wagyu Open Heifers

PW Ms Harkuki 2 ET 19F FB34655
SIRE: World K’s Haruki 2 (FB1614), DAM: CX4 Hana-125A (FB21647)
DOB: 4/23/18

For Sale: 1 Wagyu Bulls

PW Haruki 2 - 11E ET FB31644
SIRE; World K’s Haruki 2 FB1614, DAM: CX4 Hana-125A FB21647
DOB: 10/10/17
Birth Weight: 48 Lbs.
SCD/Tenderness: AA/4

Free of all recessive genes by DNA test

For Sale: 2 Brahman Bulls

2 Brahman Bulls for Sale
16 months old
$1400 per bull OBO
Call or Text for more info

For Sale: 1 Hereford Bulls

Polled Hereford bull for sale. Out of registered bull. Vaccinated and wormed. Docile. Good genetics.

For Sale: 11 Brangus Cross Open Heifers

11 Super Baldie heifers for sale, out of large frame pure bred Brangus cows and registered Hereford bulls 14 months old, cake broke and average 800 lbs.
$1250 a head. Super nice set.


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