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Cattle Exchange

For Sale: 350 Angus Cross, Hereford Cross Feeders

Angus Cross / Hereford Cross Feeders, Steers & Heifers. Backgrounded,weighing 500-700lbs asking $1.45/pound, tractor-trailer lots preferred.

For Sale: 60 Angus, Brahman, Brangus, Charolais, Red Angus Bred Heifers

Beef calves, Black Angus, Charoleis, Brahaman, etc. Bull and pregnant cows also available, all dewormed and vaccinated for all disease, photos and delivery avail, at $350 each, cash only, call in Spanish or text in English:

For Sale: 2 Dexter Bulls

Champion Bloodlines Dexter Bull. Red with Horns and Black without. Red is 2.5 years old and black one is 1.5 years old. Both great disposition. The Red Bull through three very nice calves this year.

No texts

$1200 for either or $2000 for both.

For Sale: 40 Angus Cross Cows

40 head of mixed cows reds few black and char x
several with calves at side and rest being 2nd and 3rd stages
12 to 1300 lb cows
dewormed , vaccinated and ultrasound pregnancy checked
trucking available

cows will come with pregnancy papers and health papers if leaving Missouri

for more information call 660-619-5190

For Sale: 80 Angus Cross Cows

120 head of 2nd and 3rd period black cows few with calves at side
4 to 7 years old

12 to 1300 lb cows all black and black baldy

dewormed vaccinated and pregnancy checked by ultrasound

cows will be sold with preg paper work and health papers if traveling out of Missouri
trucking available

for more info call 660-619-5190

For Sale: 10 Jersey Bred Heifers

we currently have 4 and 5 years old cows with calves A2/A2 ready now , they are all registered good temperament , good with kids since they all grow around our kids , you can have a chance to own a good family cow or calves now with good prices and delivery . $400 for calves and $1600 for cows, 5 gallons of milk daily tested from all and good, you can text or call you now for 518-512-9567 for more details , thanks

For Sale: 5 Jersey Cow/Calf Pairs

we currently have registered A2/A2 jersey milk cows heifers and Guernsey cows for sale , they are raised with us and our kids gentle and easy to handle 4 to 5 gallons of milk a day we are asking $1600 for our cows and $400 for calfs depending on the ages , we offer free delivery depending on your location , contact us on 518-512-9567 for more details thanks

For Sale: 200 Angus Bred Heifers

ATTENTION These are the "Business mans breed", they are your safe bet! These are always a great investment or addition to your herd. Angus cattle are always in high demand, very marketable and their calves consistently bring a premium. They cross well with other breeds, and have great calving ease! Our mature Angus cows average between 1,250 pounds to 1,350 pounds! Angus are usually known for their very docile and easy going attitudes. We have Black and Red Angus. AND ATTENTION Here's an outstanding herd of Braford heifers and cows! They have a lot of bone and are thick built. They are hard to find and are worth the money! ..

Bred Heifers $1750
Bred 3-5 yr Old Cows $1650
3-5 yr old Cow Calf Pairs $1850
Delivery available!

For Sale: 1 Charolais Bred Heifers

Purebred Charolais Bred Heifer

For Sale: 1 Angus Cow/Calf Pairs

Purebred Angus Cow Calf Pair


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