15:47PM Aug 07, 2020

Exclusive: Justin Moore On Agriculture, 4-H and #FarmON Concert

AgDay TV
AgWeb Contributor

Clinton Griffiths talks with famous country music artist Justin Moore. “I see these kids and what 4-H means to them and beyond that,” says Moore.

13:23PM Aug 06, 2020

4 Options for a Farm Operation Without a Successor

Katie Humphreys
Managing Editor

Leaving a legacy is sometimes complicated by the unknown of who’s next in line. Adam Kline, an attorney who hails from an Indiana farm, shares four options for a farm

Will Feed Inc 001
13:09PM Aug 06, 2020

Farm State Senators in a Beef Over Packers Bill

AgWeb Contributor

Two senior Republican U.S. senators from top farm states have locked horns over legislation intended to make cattle markets more transparent.

10:20AM Aug 06, 2020

Reel In U.S. Fish And Wildlife Service News At Farm Journal Field Days

Rhonda Brooks
AgWeb Contributor

FWS Director Aurelia Skipwith will share the agency’s perspective on the importance of close, voluntary collaboration with farmers and ranchers and the successes that have been achieved.

15:19PM Aug 05, 2020

AgriTalk: Smith Describes NCBA’s Marketing Committee Resolution

Greg Henderson
Editorial Director

NCBA president Marty Smith, rancher and attorney from Wacahoota, Florida, joined AgriTalk on Wednesday to discuss the resolution from NCBA's Live Cattle Marketing Committee calling for a more robust cash

12:54PM Aug 05, 2020

USDA-APHIS Distributes Oral Rabies Vaccine Bait In Select U.S. States

Rhonda Brooks
AgWeb Contributor

Farmers and ranchers were most concerned about rabid dogs biting cattle 20 years ago. Not now. Today, a bite from an infected wild animal, such as a fox or raccoon

13:52PM Aug 04, 2020

JBS May Have Bought DOJ Probe With Lamb Plant

Greg Henderson
Editorial Director

America's lamb industry lost 20% of its processing with the bankruptcy of a Greeley facility purchased by JBS. Lamb ranchers claim the closure puts them in crisis and lawmakers are