Stop the Horseweed Stampede
11/02/2017, 01:31PM
Nixing NAFTA Isn't an Option
11/13/2017, 07:21AM
November 2017 Cattle on Feed Report
11/17/2017, 02:26PM

More Crops

  • Big Idaho Potato Truck wraps up 2017 tour

    11/14/2017 02:06 PM The Idaho Potato Commission’s biggest marketing campaign, the Big Idaho Potato Truck, has been a few places since it started touring the country in 2012.
  • Video
    Production Rises but it Might Not be Over Yet
    11/10/2017 04:44 AM

    In today’s recap of the WASDE report, host Pam Fretwell sits down with Jerry Gulke, President of the Gulke, to talk about the numbers and what they mean not only for the immediate markets but prices going forward.

  • Crop Production: Corn Up 2% from October, Soybeans Down Slightly
    11/09/2017 11:19 AM

    According to the latest USDA Crop Production report, Corn production is down 4% from last year but up 2% from the October forecast. Soybean production is down less than 1% from October but up 3% from last year. 

  • Here Comes La Nina, El Nino's Flip Side, But it will be Weak
    11/09/2017 10:01 AM

    La Nina, the cool flip side to El Nino, is returning for a second straight winter, forecasters said Thursday.

  • California Producer Embraces Technology Early and Often
    11/06/2017 04:41 PM

    Blake Harlan grew up in a culture of innovation and it's paid off for his farming business.

  • Video
    CA Growers, Organizations Share Ag Labor Struggles and Solutions
    11/06/2017 10:14 AM
    Produce growers are searching for long-term solutions not just a short-term fix when it comes to agricultural labor. 
    However, lawmakers and the farming community are mixed when it comes to those different solutions.
    The Ag Guest worker Act, introduced by Chairman Bob Goodlatte cleared the House Judiciary Committee in late October. It’s designed to replace the H-2A Program.
    That’s not the only piece of legislation floating around Congress. 
    Lawmaker Lamar Smith introduced legislation called the Legal Workforce Act, which could mandate employers to use the e-verify system to check legal status of agricultural employees.
    It’s a tug-of-war battle to see which piece of legislation proposed at roughly the same time will work for farmers.
    AgDay national reporter Betsy Jibben talked with West Coast produce growers Neil Nagata with Nagata Bros. Farms in Oceanside, Ca., and Al Stehly with Rockwood Ranch in Escondido, Ca., about their challenges and thoughts on potential legislation. Betsy also talked with Tom Nassif, president and CEO of Western Growers as well.
    Listen to the full AgDay segment above.
  • Potato crop likely off compared with a year ago
    10/30/2017 02:15 PM Although the first official U.S. fall potato production estimate won’t be released until Nov. 9, early signs point to flat to lower total output this year.
  • Video
    Hurricane Harvey Causes $200M in Ag Losses
    10/30/2017 01:54 PM

    Months after Hurricane Harvey dumped feet of rain on Houston and Texas, economists with the Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service are totaling up the damages caused by the summer storm, now believed to be a combined $200 million between livestock, hay, feed, cotton, rice and soybeans.

  • Cotton Farmers Go 'Grown in USA'
    10/26/2017 03:30 PM

    “Made in the USA” and the American farmer just got a big boost from Wrangler. In an effort to highlight the sustainability of the cotton industry, Wrangler is purchasing 40,000 lb. of Newby Farms cotton to feature in a line of denim jeans.

  • Video
    Strong Sweet Potato Yields After Louisiana Harvest Delays
    10/24/2017 01:36 PM

    Some Louisiana sweet potato farmers have delayed harvest to give their potatoes more time to reach market size. Harvest is underway, and many producers are finding yields to be very good.

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Soil Management

  • Fragipan Yields to Cover Crops

    11/08/2017 02:02 PM

    Break down dense soil with annual ryegrass

  • 10 Steps to Efficient Nitrogen
    10/31/2017 04:18 PM

    A well-planned program results in more bushels, less fertilizer and reduced loss

  • Agriculture's Darkest Fraud Hidden Under Dirt and Lies
    10/24/2017 05:24 AM

    In the annals of agriculture fraud, one scam may rule them all. Pulled from the pages of a Hollywood script, agriculture’s most outlandish Ponzi scheme is a cauldron of greed, loss and lingering questions. Simply, the bizarre B & B worm scandal is too absurd for fiction.

  • Six Steps to Efficient Nutrient Use
    10/20/2017 09:09 AM

    Preventing fertilizer from leaving your fields lowers production cost while increasing yield. Oh yes—it also protects water resources. Sure, you’ve heard the warnings before, but it can be overwhelming to put nutrient management practices into motion. Start with these six steps to address your environmental footprint.

  • Farmers Edge Increases Satellite Image Frequency
    10/11/2017 09:36 AM

    By partnering with Planet, aerospace and data analytics company, Farmers Edge will offer satellite images more frequently—every one to three days. 

  • Irrigation Troubleshooting Begins After Harvest
    10/10/2017 09:24 AM

    Crops don’t wait for irrigation, and now means now when it’s time to water. Solid end-of-season irrigation maintenance goes a long way in preventing problems the following crop year during crunch-time. Before the grip of winter sets in, checks and repairs are vital.

  • Video
    Iowa Farmer Could Be Harvesting Biggest Soybean Crop
    10/06/2017 12:44 PM

    Farmers in Waverly, Iowa are trying at beating the rain moving into their area this week. Marc Mummelthei, a farmer from Waverly says he’s cutting as many soybeans as he can because conditions are right and the yields may be the best he’s produced.

  • Your Tillage Road Map
    10/04/2017 11:20 AM

    Corn production is a journey from where you are now to where you want to be, figures Farm Journal Field Agronomist Ken Ferrie. Your destination is maximum profitability. 

    Tillage is a critical mile marker on the route to profitability. With tillage, the goal is to create uniform soil density so roots and water aren’t restricted.


  • Five Tips to Help You Adopt Vertical Tillage
    09/27/2017 08:33 AM

    If you plan to transition to vertical tillage this fall keep in mind it’s not a one-step process or a single tool. It’s a system that takes time to implement and a lot of attention to detail, according to Missy Bauer, Farm Journal Associate Field Agronomist.

    “A vertical tillage system involves understanding the soil profile, tackling compaction issues, ensuring that each pass achieves the goal of the system, respecting residue cover and providing a well-prepared seedbed for the planter pass next spring,” she says. “Simply put, this system requires managing the entire soil profile for uniformity.”

  • Illinois Farmers Tilled More Acres this Year
    09/18/2017 04:45 PM

    Farmers in Illinois might be tilling more land, but their interest in cover crops shows a willingness to adapt. 

Input Management

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  • 1/26 - Kent County, Del.:We received an estimated 18" of snow with 50-60 mph winds. Luckily we didn't lose power!
  • 1/25 - Valley County, Idaho: Winter gripping Idaho hard! This is one of the deepest snow years at the Rocking Y Ranch in the past 20 yrs.
  • 1/21 - Stearns County, Minn.: Organic barley made 104 bu. this year from bin-run seed and dairy manure and cover crops.