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15:55PM Aug 16, 2019

Researchers Looking to Reduce Irrigation Water & Maximize Yield

AgDay TV
AgWeb Contributor
Populations continue to increase in the western United States and that's driving competition for water with the region's farmers. To help, researchers are looking at ways to maximize water efficiency
14:58PM Aug 16, 2019

Truck rates stable in mid-August

Tom Karst
AgWeb Contributor
Spot shortages of refrigerated produce trucks were noted in the Midwest states in mid-August, but most growing regions reported adequate supply.
14:43PM Aug 16, 2019

The Do’s, Don’ts and “Have You Seen This?” of Farm Weddings

Sonja Begemann
Seeds and Crop Production Editor
Unless you abstain from social media, you’ve likely seen the viral photos of what one father did to make sure rain didn’t ruin his daughter’s big day.
10:45AM Aug 14, 2019

Dan Anderson: 5 Tips to Troubleshoot Combine Problems

Here are five common phone calls we receive at the equipment dealership during harvest — and five possible solutions to fix the problems before requesting a service call: